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New St. Petersburg Zoo

The Government of St. Petersburg has launched an international competition to develop the concept of a new integrated zoo. Amusement Logic SL has been one of the finalists selected to participate in this demanding competition.

According to the selection committee, the main criteria for selecting the competing companies have been the experience in creating integrated and modern zoos and the stability and soundness of the company.

We attended an informative seminar, from 2nd to 4th September in the city of St. Petersburg, during which we visited the land allocated for the project, the main work requirements were established and the basic documentation for the project was delivered.

The contestants will present their proposals to the jury on 21st December. The winning proposal will be the basis for the following design and construction works of the new zoo in St. Petersburg. "If everything goes as planned, the new zoo will open its doors in 2014," said the President of the Municipal Culture Committee Anton Gubankov.

An area of 288 hectares has been assigned for the construction of the project in the Primorskiy district, one of the most important districts in regards to territory and population. The financing for the project is approximately 7-9 billion rubles.

The existing zoo, founded in 1865 and located in the center of St. Petersburg, is 40 times smaller than the projected one.

Zoo Director, Irina Skiba reported that the new zoo, which will be built on the territory of the Yuntolovo Nature Reserve, will house elephants, pandas and other exotic animals. "Due to the reduced size of existing facilities the city has not had the opportunity to acquire large animals such as elephants or rhinoceroses, for a long time. “Now at last it will be possible,” said Ms. Skiba.

The exhibitions shall recreate the animals’ natural living conditions and allow visitors to "submerge" into the world of nature. In addition to its leisure functions, the resort will also be used to solve educational tasks and create ideal conditions for scientific research.

Attendance at the St. Petersburg Zoo is quite low: out of 4.5 million inhabitants, only 650000 people visit it annually. It is expected that in the new animal complex, this figure will rise to 2-3 million visitors a year.