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New 3D modelling system for leisure products

In Amusement Logic, we have recently incorporated a sophisticated 3D modelling manufacturing system, which allows us to create amazing recreational figures and elements.

With this highly profitable and flexible system, we can produce quality, customised products such as children’s leisure pools, slides, water games and slides, as well as interactive water jets.

This innovative system also provides endless possibilities in theming and decoration projects, for water parks, theme parks, swimming pools, hotels, zoos and other types of leisure facilities.

Our 3D system’s versatility gives us greater expressive autonomy, allowing us to reproduce highly complex and imaginative designs easily and more quickly, than with other more traditional construction techniques.

The 3D modelling system allows for a large production capacity. Just by using a 3D scanner and a specialised robot, we can manufacture complex, large-scale designs, in a short time and with little manpower, providing our clients with substantial reductions in costs. Our products are only manufactured with high-quality products, making them safe and long-lasting, resulting in lower maintenance costs and therefore additional savings. 

We will fulfil a double objective with the creation of our custom-made, eye-catching products for leisure and entertainment areas. On the one hand, we will ensure unforgettable, surprising and fun experiences for visitors and on the other, our clients will benefit from repeated, longer visits to their facilities, from friends and families.


Green Bench

We’re presenting an innovative idea for the provision of rest areas in leisure spaces, suitable for people of all ages: Green Bench. It is a planter-bench, of fractal inspiration. Being modular, it allows infinite combinations for enclosing the perimeter of aquatic and dry areas of any size.


The different types of seat on both sides of the modules allow the creation of different areas of interaction amongst the users, suited to the particular requirements of the project.

green bench new product 02

The Green Bench concept can incorporate real plants, or alternatively, it can include elevated artificial planting, which provides different types of shade.

The Aquatic Mountain

New Spray Block elements

This month we’d like to present the expansion of our popular Spray Blocks line, (please click here to download the catalogue).

There are new elements from the popular children’s wooden building blocks game, both independent ones and others that can be combined together.


With arches, gateways or totems, we can generate three-dimensional play areas, where children can interact differently than they would with more traditional platform games.


The essence of the Spray Blocks line is maintained and the new elements can be combined with other collections we offer, as well as with existing installations.

Artificial Ski Slope

Toddler Wave Pool


We’re presenting a new concept of children’s play areas, the Watergarden. An aquatic garden for little ones to bathe and play; the first of its kind.

Its innovative and colourful design, also adapted to users with mobility issues, encourages activity and promotes child development and entertainment, in an environment where we have meticulously studied all safety aspects.

Manufactured with our 3DTECH technology, the modules and pieces are safe and resistant and have stable and firm fixings, so we are able to supply the Watergarden in a turnkey format.

water garden play concept_01

The Watergarden also has areas that are perfectly suited for adults, who play a vital role in child supervision and ensuring safe play in any children’s play area, allowing parents and carers to sit in comfort, in a refreshing and entertaining setting. Both adults and children can enjoy themselves, without being continually exposed to the sun.

water garden play concept_02

Thanks to its great number of possible configurations, the Watergarden can be adapted to any terrain and adjusted to the budget of any aquatic leisure project, in waterparks, hotels or campsites.

We have also developed a version of Watergarden for urban environments, so that city and town parks can also have year-through mixed-play areas; an aquatic play area, with minimum water consumption in summer months, that converts into a dry play area during the rest of the year. Please contact us for further information.


Synthetic Ice Rink

New concept for children’s pools: SlideWall

We’re presenting SlideWall; an alternative to the traditional interactive game structures or water castles that are found in kids’ pools.

Slidewall play structure 01

The idea is based on a large piece of our 3DTech material, which is traversed by tunnels that provide access to different slides and hydrotubes. There is also a multi-slide that fits in between the two walls, which increases play opportunities.

Slidewall play structure 02

This play element allows slides to be located in the centre of a swimming pool, at a reduced cost and with eye-catching results. The shapes can be themed in numerous different ways, to complement other games we offer, such as the AquaFamily, Origami or SprayBlocks.

Extreme House

AGT: Advanced Guide Track

We are introducing a new modular system for the development of an elevated Acrobatic Course. Its main allure is the freedom of design, allowing the creation of a course beyond traditional geometries and the proposal of all sorts of theming options, in a simple and cost-effective way.

In these pictures you can see an urban theme, where visitors will climb around between skyscrapers.

adventure track

We can configure paths that are atypical, even fractal. The platforms allow forks, which allow the user to choose different routes and levels of difficulty. In addition, our exclusive guided-lane system ensures that the user can never let go. This guarantees user safety and reduces the number of monitors needed for its operation.

adventure track 2

The AGT allows the user new forms of play, as users can slide suspended from the track, either horizontally or in a slope, emulating a zipline.

Multi-Fitness Pool

Origami – new children’s game

This month we’re presenting a new line of Origami-inspired children’s water games. The Japanese art of folding paper allows the creation of infinite representations of real figures in an elegantly schematic way.

Origami water play 01

Animals, constructions or fantastical elements, can all be reproduced through simple geometric folds. If we decorate them with contrasting colours and add water, the result is an eye-catching and fun play area. A different way of creating aquatic leisure spaces, with the latest design trends.

Origami water play 02

Twist Line

This month we’re presenting a fun helical-curve game inspired by a DNA strand. It has different interactive elements aimed at challenging users: they can climb, clamber up using the spheres, slide down the hyperbolic paraboloid nets or run through the tunnel that connects the different interactive spaces.


The Twist Line’s modularity means it can be adapted to the available space, through the configuration of a larger or smaller number of modules, from the minimum width needed for the spiral.


An entertaining, varied game, with an original and fun appearance.

KELVIN CITY: a different kind of play structure

We’re presenting a new type of children’s play structures, for both aquatic and dry playground areas, based on a solid known since ancient times: the tetrakaidecahedron, or Kelvin polyhedron.
Formed by 8 hexagons and 6 squares, it was described by Archimedes more than two millennia ago. Its usual name is owed to Lord Kelvin, who in 1889 demonstrated that it is the only semi-irregular solid that can fill space by repeating itself.
Using different polyhedron deformations, with Kelvin City we propose joining these hollow shapes, in order to circulate through their interior and access play elements and transit at different heights.

Users climb and access bridges and walkways from platforms that lead to slides and other play features, with original and eye-catching results.

New aquatic game: Tangram

This month we’re proposing a new game structure for children’s pools, based on the classic Chinese puzzle Tangram. Analogous to this ancient pastime, our platforms of different heights are the seven original pieces of the game, called “Tans”: 5 triangles, 1 square and 1 rhomboid.
We’ve designed a system that can be used to configure any of the classic Tangram silhouettes, visible from on high and great as a publicity lure.
The vision that the children’s pool users will have will be of novel geometric shapes in varied colours and sizes. The figures are completed with vertical Tangram outlines, forming shower-arches, tipping buckets or spray totems. They can also be complemented with additional slides, sprays and jets so that the experience becomes a colourful fun puzzle.

Aquaforest Collection: expansion of the AquaFamily line

We’re adding a new collection to our AquaFamily product line. After launching the AquaFarm (farm animals) and AquaSea (sea creatures) elements, we’re now introducing animals that are mainly found in milder climate forests: AquaForest.
In this habitat we can find squirrels, moose, skunks amongst many other friendly figures. A new scenario to enhance children’s imagination and which can be integrated into diverse themed environments.


Scuba diving was born as a military skill (Assyrians, Greeks and Romans), it burst onto the media scene as a male-dominated spectacle (remember Cousteau or James Bond) and has become popular in recent years thanks to certification organisations such as PADI, NAUI or SSI.

Today it welcomes all ages, physical capabilities and genders, women now represent 30% of the market. Worldwide, there are an estimated 6 million certified divers and numbers continue to rise.

Even so, it’s still an activity that is relatively expensive and cumbersome (like skiing where special equipment is needed), and inaccessible (you have to travel far to see interesting things under the sea). Moreover, the best destinations are usually in conflicted areas (Red Sea) or associated to meteorological risks (Caribbean). And environmental problems appear with massification: the coral reefs, already under pressure from human activity, cannot take on any more divers.

This is why we are proposing the ScubaSchool: artificial underwater worlds near source markets in cities such as London, Berlin, New York or Beijing. ScubaSchoolrepresents a reliable and to-scale recreation of underwater seascapes, that allow any person to learn and practice diving techniques safely and near to home.

Children can become initiated; certified divers can practice at any time of the year so they don’t forget what they’ve learnt; experts can widen their knowledge with night-dives or specialist dives. ScubaSchool can also welcome disabled people, for whom diving can be a highly beneficial activity.

We have the concept developed and we can adapt its configuration, dimensions and content to different market situations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Fly-Track, three dimensional zipwires

FlyTrack looks like a classic set of slides. But, instead of sliding on water, you glide down through the air. It’s a reinterpretation of the classic slide tower, converting it into the starting-point of a group of three-dimensional zipwires. The adventure experience is completed by covering the tower with rock-climbing walls that offer multiple climbing activities.

The zipwires form Kamikaze, Multi-lane, Zig-Zag and Spiral-type guided flight rails. The climbing walls are designed with a new 3DTech wire-cut modular system that is anchored in modules on the tower and into which the hand-grips are incorporated.

Spray Islands

We are proposing new geometry for modular aquatic games: the triangular platform. This shape allow islands with circular or hexagonal contours to be designed, different from those that we typically see in this type of facility and better-adapting to existing locations.
Expanding our SprayToys collections, the SprayIslands allow novel spaces to be created, where kids can climb up and down different levels of interior stairs that give them access to different aquatic elements.


Hexland is a new play element in the shape of a 3D honeycomb. It is formed by truncated octahedrons linked together on their hexagonal and square faces, suspended from the characteristic structure of our Hexagon collection.

Kids can climb the taut sloped nets on the main structure and enter inside the honeycomb to discover labyrinth-like routes that will challenge their psychomotor skills. Hexland’s modular polyhedral system allows a multitude of combinations that can be adapted to any leisure facility.

“WaveGround” concept

This is an interactive environment especially designed for children’s playgrounds. It is built by assembling 3DTECH outlines on interior metallic reinforcements, which from a distance form a wavy landscape. Depending on the colours used, it could be reminiscent of sea waves (in blue), mountains (in green), desert dunes (in beige tones), or even a lunar landscape with different greys and craters drawn on the vertical sides.

Kids can use this new concept of game to balance, climb, enjoy labyrinth chases, or clamber up nets. The closed areas can be used as fun ball-pools. Other Amusement Logic figure collections can be integrated, such as Aqua Family. Diverse layouts and dimensions are permitted, in accordance with client requirements.

Happy Fruits

From pomegranates in the Middle East to cherries in Japan, the most universal symbol of life, health and prosperity is undoubtedly fruit. However, it is a theme rarely found in children’s facilities.

This is now going to change with the launch of our Happy Fruits line, fun fruit characters that seem to drink up the pool water with their colourful tongues, down which children can slide.

We offer 12 different models divided amongst 3 collections, according to the slide height: Mini (750mm), Maxi (1200 mm) and Super (1600 mm). Their design makes them easy and quick to install on the side of new or existing pools.

This line aims to move beyond traditional waterslides with kid-friendly positive elements, that perfectly complement a range of diverse environments.


We’re presenting the first installation of our new “Hexagon” collection, with the aim of creating modern and innovative games areas. Based on a domed, modular and polyhedral structure, it offers the opportunity of hanging different interactive elements. By exploring its possibilities, children can create their own games.

The Cloudland model consists of a fun and random cloud of spheres, that are threaded at different heights on a matrix of tensed ropes, so that children can enjoy inventing a multitude of routes in a three-dimensional and multicolour space.

Designed to enhance balance and psychomotor skills, it allows the creation of different paths though colour-coding that indicates the levels of difficulty.


The GrassDen is another original way of using our 3DTECH technology to create fun children’s activities.

Inspired by the picture of a den, we piled up in parallel, pipes of different lengths and diameters and we connected them together, creating circuits and level changes that encourage different play options.

It is all covered with artificial grass, shaping a different kind of leisure environment where kids can play hide-and-seek, climb ramps or slide down the gently sloped grass sides.

Funny Paths: 3DTECH circuits

We’re presenting a new concept of interaction and entertainment for kids and teens, based on balance and ability: Funny Paths. A circuit for motor skills in which the actions of jumping, climbing, descending and keeping one’s balance, even with one foot on a sphere, take on a new meaning through winding courses of intertwined multi-height pedestals. Each height implies a level of greater difficulty.

Constructed in 3D-Tech, ideal for this type of applications due to its impact-absorption capacity, it also allows for rapid indoor and outdoor installation.
As a result of the intersections of the different routes, there are closed areas where ball-pools can be included, increasing as such the leisure possibilities of an indoor facility.

Aqua Farm

This collection is a new and lovely way of equipping children’s pools. Far removed from the traditional collections of unconnected figures that we usually see in these play areas, we have designed entire families of species that really cohabit in natural spaces, providing these areas with certain credibility, making the experience more real and intimate.

In this image you can see how a pool looks, which has been decorated with farm animals; the Aquafarm collection. There are cows, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, ducks, amongst many others, in different shapes, postures and with optional aquatic elements.

Each piece is manufactured with our 3DTECH Technology, which is ideal for this type of figures thanks to their impact-absorption capacity due to their greater elasticity with respect to conventional and more rigid materials. They are extremely easy to install, thanks to their unique elastic hydraulic connection. They are fixed to the pool with hidden metallic anchors.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote and to find out how these friendly animals would look in your pool.


The Rainball is a children’s pool where coloured balls rain down under water curtains. The circular design of the aquatic space allows for a central overflow ring that drains the cascading water. The circulation current drags the balls through a safety barrier, towards the multicolour centre. The underground plantroom houses a device that separates the balls from the water.
A conventional hydraulic installation supplies the structure’s water curtains. The balls are propelled with compressed air through transparent tubes under the decking to produce the rain of balls over the pool. The entire structure, which can be produced in different colours, is surrounded by extensive nets that prevent the balls from leaving the attraction.

New concept: Magic Bench

By combining urban furniture criterion with our experience in the design of attractions, we propose the Magic Bench, an element that is half way between a bench and a slide.

Contemplated as a fun solution to deal with the habitual differences or changes in levels in the design of parks and gardens, the Magic Bench provides a new leisure focus together with stairs or ramps.

Its morphology allows it to be combined with planters and other typical perimeter elements found in a public space of these characteristics.

Aqua Target: a truly interactive bucket

For there to be interactivity, a reaction needs to be produced as a consequence of an action. Although usually called interactive games, tipping buckets aren’t really, as users don’t influence the filling or the spilling of the bucket.

Now, we are proposing a truly interactive bucket. The water is squirted through cannons activated by guests and not automatically. By pointing the cannon towards a screen similar to a basketball board, children can fill the bucket and control the moment at which it will tip over other kids.

Parenthesis: Urban swivel bench


We’re presenting a new concept of urban furniture, for plazas, gardens or any kind of promenade: the swivel bench, Parenthesis.

The bench’s central axis allows it to be turned in any direction, thanks to an exclusive swivel system. Users can sit however they wish in regards to the direction of the sun’s rays, to read, sunbathe, watch over their kids or simply to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Parenthesis is designed as a three-seat bench and it has two types of curve: one slightly convex and the other concave (like these punctuation marks). This allows for the gatherings of larger groups of people and also, professional landscapers can create different undulating patterns in their designs.

Manufactured in weather-resistant and anti-vandal materials, it permits different finishes and colour schemes of the bench seats and backs, on a swivel base moulded in concrete. The version with arm-rests integrates a sunshade that turns with the bench.



We propose an ultra-light structure formed by intertwined poles, which tauten bobbins of twisted canvas. Colourful and original shades can be created by generating diverse geometries.

Each pole supports various models of Y-shaped masts, which can be turned in two directions, to either create symmetries or more irregularly crossed shapes. The span of the poles fluctuates between 25 and 30 metres, offering a large, column-free, shaded area.

Motifs or slogans can be added to the canvas through digital printing or micro-perforation. The whole system can be easily assembled and dismantled and its transportation and storage requires little space.

Symmetric, geometric option

Irregular option.



This month we’re proposing 3D-Tech pieces with an articulation on one end and a U-shaped notch on the other. The pieces can be developed with different lengths, widths and outlines and they fit together at different angles to shape colourful leisure elements that are more or less abstract.

For this idea we were inspired by children’s magnet games. In a “dry” playground, they don’t require structure and can support different play elements such as swings and nets. In an aquatic playground, we would use PVC to carry the water to the usual different outlets that are found in children’s zones.

Arcadia: a new style of tower


With this design we propose adapting traditional architectonic elements to a modular metallic structure, bolted in its entirety, with prefabricated platforms in galvanised and lacquered steel. This configuration of arcades adds elegance and lightness to the design, creating a very different look to that of a typical quadrangular braced tower.

On a construction level, the use of arches improves resistance to earthquakes and other vibrations. This proposal allows any height and also the combination the paint colours of the different joints, railings and prefabricated posts. The system even allows the concrete platforms to be poured on the ground, before being installed by crane. The range of handrails, independently from the protection barriers, allow for different configurations to be used, such as lacquered steel, stainless steel, wood or other types of materials to enhance the tower’s uniqueness, at a cost that is similar to conventional ones.

The concept of cantilever platforms is designed to be coordinated with the slides’ structure, substituting the typical horizontal braced arms with this new type of technology of arched arms, so that the whole structure becomes a large vault, or a forest of metallic trees with branches at different heights.



With this program we are revolutionising the market of modular water games, known as “Water Castles”. It is a complete program with modular components manufactured in 3DTech, reproducing the colourful wooden puzzles of yesteryear. Most kids have played with these pieces, creating houses, boats, cars or anything their imagination could produce. The SprayBlocks make use of the visual and tactile power of this concept to generate infinity of children’s play areas.

The system is made up of several different-sized square-shaped base pillars, cylinders, semicircles, triangles and arches, with dimensions apt to shape archways and elevated platforms. All the modules are installed threaded onto metallic pillars, where the water conduits are hidden, so that slides and a wide variety of accessories such as windmills, tipping buckets or water cannons can function.

The colourful blocks, installed with a certain, “lack of precision”, as if a child had stacked them, complements the visual effect, making them really stand out in aquatic facilities.



To combine the experience of gliding through water at great speed and the acceleration and freefall sensations of a roller coaster, we have patented a vehicle especially designed for a new slide: the AquaScream.

This shuttle model keeps the user’s head and neck properly restrained and cushioned so tricky loops, twists or descents can be performed. The self-aligning runners only require the tubular track to be slightly dampened, in order to slide and accelerate on descent.
The braking system is achieved through a run-out style braking section, which reaches the passenger loading area where the next user can access the vehicle quickly.

As occurs on roller coasters, great part of the excitement is produced during the ascent to the top and the design of the vehicle adds a sensation of speed. It is perfectly integrated with the lift-system, ensuring contact with all the interior surfaces of the tube and it can incorporate lights or rotating propellers that produce shrill whistles.

It’s a fascinating concept for amusement or water parks that wish to incorporate eye-catching hybrid attractions, for an adrenaline-rush seeking public.

Oscillating shades


We’re presenting a new concept of modular shade that can turn on its pillar supports and as such find the ideal solar angle. It allows the installation of a motorised movement system, for supposed solar tracking with photovoltaic panels, or to create interesting cinematic effects with the shapes that slowly spin or swing back and forth, like gentle waves produced by the wind.

According to the desired effect and density of shade, we can choose between a type of cover with slats, geometric lattices or continuous membrane, in any of the standard materials found on the market.

This concept is contemplated to provide a new landscaping focus for seaside promenades, outdoor parking areas or large plazas and gardens where we wish to create surprising effects for pedestrians.

New product – Solar fountain


Using our extensive experience in moulding slide layouts, on this occasion we’re proposing an original fountain. Its curved shape is reminiscent of an elongated leaf. Its sloping, softly-bent stem provides an adequate working height to support a curved solar panel.

An outstanding, ecological and autonomously functioning fountain, for pedestrians’ visual delight and climatic comfort.

Under the perimeter of photovoltaic cells, integrated during the moulding of the panel, it has a hydraulic circuit that will create a smooth water curtain. The collection basin will allow any perimeter outline and for one or several fountains to be integrated, to be placed at different angles or to be adapted to any new or existing design.

The system of batteries and pumps can be installed in the base of the sculpture or in an independent plantroom, according to the scope of intervention. The structure allows LED RGB lighting to be installed, to colour the water with any nocturnal atmospheric scenic effect.

Ultralight Modular Tensile Covers


On this occasion we propose a modular configuration formed by triangulated structures with cables and sheathed in tensioned white canvas. These porticos have an estimated span of around 25m and central widths of 6m. An economic, light solution that is easy to transport and quick to assemble. They are evocative of giant rice-paper Chinese lanterns and have shapes that can be combined in different ways to cover areas of any form or size.

When daylight shines on them, the sun paints the shadows of the interior structure on the canvas of the inner area that the users see. At night, the opposite happens; the floor or pillar lighting draws shadows on the upper canvas cover. Coloured LED lighting systems can also be included to achieve striking visual effects during night-time events.

The canvas also allows logos, textures or sections of any type to be digitally printed on it. It is undoubtedly visually spectacular and different to what we are used to.

New SprayToy: The Clover Twirl

We’re presenting the Clover Twirl, a new component in our range of SprayToys, interactive elements for children’s pools.

A four-leaf clover shaped shade-shower. Water falls from one of its leaves, towards the pool. Its curved stem can be rotated 360º on a vertical swivel mechanism, which cuts the flow of water outside a determined angle. When the shade is oriented towards the lounger area, the hydraulic mechanism stops the flow of water and the waterfall does not wet the outside of the pool.

It can be installed on the border of any pool on a special anchor plate with reduced footing, making use of the pool basin’s civil works. It can also be used dry, without a hydraulic circuit, to create original plant-inspired swivel shades and in any combination of colours, covering wide areas of relaxation that they will shade during any hour of the day.


Wavy Shades


This proposal consists of a vast organic undulating shape, whose central nerve rests on the ground on two points. Its design allows for various positions on the ground, either alone or as a combination. Depending on the pedestrian’s viewpoint, the smooth curves of its shade transmit different visual sensations, all with strong organic and plant inspiration. The supporting structure emulates the thick stem of a giant leaf, or even the tail of a marine animal at the point of diving.

The Wavy Shades program is contemplated to cover large public areas with a minimum of support points, thanks to each gateway’s 75m2 of shade and the 12m arch between each base. It is an excellent solution for bus stops, rest areas on seaside proms, parking zones or central urban plazas where the added value of great formal beauty is required.

3D Tech themed covers for shades

We’re presenting a new shade cover for public spaces, produced with our exclusive 3DTech system, which allows the creation of self-supporting structures with high added-value. The giant leaves allow for variations in shape and orientation and the curved stems produce harmoniously combined, elegant outlines to frame routes, or to highlight resting or break areas.

Thanks to the qualities of 3DTech, we can apply any texture and colour on the leaves and branches, to strengthen the organic or geometrical characteristics, adapting them to any aesthetic criteria of the surroundings where they are to be installed. The system of giant leaves permits hydraulic circuits on the interior of the structure, to install misting sprays for very dry climates.

Panoramic Viewing Tower


With this viewing tower, we are presenting a unique concept of tourist observation point, combining the functionality of any lift tower with a helical twist. Users will be able to contemplate the landscape during the ascents and descents of the funicular mechanism, whilst enjoying a 360º visual field, thanks to the rotation around the tower.

The two symmetrical cabins contribute to its structural balance, and provide the tower with a distinct and more attractive appearance than conventional viewing towers. Users embark from the ground through the exterior cabin doors and are transferred to the high platform through the interior doors.

Our type of vertical panoramic viewpoint allows a multitude of dimensional and style adaptations, in accordance with the surroundings. For a resort, a waterpark or theme park, an urban plaza or even protected natural areas, this helical viewpoint will provide stunning visual journeys to delight the public, as well as being an attraction point for those who observe it from the ground.

ULF / Urban Light Forms


This is a different conception of urban lighting, a strategy that reverses the notion of "going unnoticed". Traditionally, streetlamps and lighting of streets and plazas, roads and motorway junctions have been more functional than decorative.

Thanks to our new 3D Tech technology, we can create interesting sculptural shapes that solve the problem of elegant solar panel alignment. The support allows the angle to be optimized according to the geographical latitude of its location and the direction of the LED lighting, in accordance with the orientation of the street or area to be lit. Its lightness allows all the mechanical characteristics of the interior post to be kept in regards to resistance, whilst facilitating improved integration and protection for the photovoltaic panels, battery and LED lights.

According to the type of urban project, our ULF program can be adapted to any style requested by the client. We cover the entire standard range of heights and signage elements can also be integrated. We can shape new urban elements, with different effects for daytime and nighttime.

3D-Tech lattice screens and partitions

Thanks to the CNC machining of any imaginable geometric or organic outline, we can offer a new solution to create divisions for architectonic spaces, with high visual impact.

The dimensions can be scaled to adjust to the visual proportions or landscape in which they are to be set and the thickness of the screen-walls can also be varied according to the structural and aesthetic parameters.

From now on, it will be much easier and more economical to create environments of great visual beauty or improve existing spaces, thanks to our exclusive prefabricated 3D-Tech system, which allows project dimensions to be adapted to an optimum modulation for their transportation and installation. Our partitioning solution is apt both for interior applications and for installation in gardens or outdoor plazas.

Pasted Graphic 1

3D-Tech Façade Coating / 3D-Tech Wall


In this Newsletter, we are presenting a new solution for the design, manufacture and installation of three-dimensional coatings for ventilated façades, which we call 3D-Tech Wall.

Through the virtues of our 3D-Tech system, which is light and has great thermal and acoustic insulation power, we offer the chance of changing the appearance of any building’s façade, at an affordable price and in a reduced delivery time. Our system can renew the image of any building, whether in urban builds, industrial warehouse façades or recoating family homes, with the consequent associated benefits of corporate image.

Furthermore, our solution allows the reproduction of any graphic or three-dimensional concept on the façade.

3D-Tech Wall opens up a new world of visual textures, colours and geometrical shapes of any kind, for renovating obsolete or degraded architecture with a modern, personalised image that is easily identifiable from a distance.


New product: Water Bridge

A different way of highlighting and giving added-value to a common urban element, such as a bridge or elevated pedestrian crossing.

The concept is based on the combination of lines of waterfalls that spill outwards and cover the structure, creating a new and highly refreshing landscaping element. Pedestrians can make their journey flanked by walls of water. From afar, the whole bridge is a spectacular silhouette of moving water. A different and visually stunning solution, which blends the refreshing and scenic virtues of public fountains, with the essential elevated accesses of spaces with pedestrian traffic.

The system can be implemented on any type of bridge, independent of its height and path width, thanks to our new exclusive system of sloped waterfalls. The solution can also be combined with shaded, themed or decorative elements, both for metropolitan urban areas as well as unique themed and leisure landscapes.



A new shape for a classic children’s pool waterslide, with jets that flow from both leaf blades.

The outline of the stem allows the integration of the access steps and railing, whilst underneath there is a small tunnel between the cascades.

Created with our exclusive 3D-Tech material, it allows diverse combinations of colours and shapes to be integrated into our clients’ leisure projects.

tobogan hoja


A new slide system, cable-suspended like a swing and tensioned to the ground by nets. The whole attraction oscillates when children climb up the sides, producing a new level of interactivity when simultaneously sliding down inside the slide.

The concept allows it to be combined with other traditional and aquatic attractions, adventure circuits or zip-wires. It can also be installed in dry areas, on grass, sand or anti-crash elastic pavements of any urban park.

The structures from which the slides are suspended are covered with 3D-Tech, allowing the game to be formed in the specific theme requested by our client. They can also be used to connect water circuits at a height, with the possibility of creating waterfalls and sheets of water in the game’s environment.

Guaranteed fun with a new line that adapts to the different dimensions of a project and support colours and shapes and which are created with our exclusive 3D-Tech system.

NetSlide-news julio

Cheese Slides

Following the creative spirit that characterizes us, our Design and R+D departments have developed a new attraction; the “Cheese Slides”.

They are a new kind of waterslide for children’s pools, thanks to the qualities of our exclusive 3DTech system. Kids will enjoy going through and sliding down the giant holes of a large chunk of Emmental cheese.

The configuration allows for labyrinth layouts and lets children play between them, by crossing the colossal cheese through a large tunnel, or by gliding down any of the slides that will carry them out to the other side.

The holes in the top and sides of the block of cheese provide light and ventilation and allow visual contact with the children’s parents. It also allows for the addition of different water effects, which can be included in this friendly and modern attraction.

cheeseslide_news-junio2 cheeseslide_news-junio1

Wet Shadow Tree

Designed to provide shade in plazas, streets or open urban areas, its photovoltaic solar panels supply the energy required to pump the water of a series of jets or misting diffusors installed on its branches.

Its modular conception allows infinity of landscaping compositions, which together with the different ways of spraying arches of water under its branches, allows for pleasant shaded environments for pedestrians.

At the base of the tree, modular benches can be added to accommodate elongated pools, with water curtains in the middle to transmit moisture with the displacement of the air. On the ground, the concept allows for the possibility of channels, which also collect water from the branches and allow spaces to be divided. Water recirculation is done by means of a pump beneath the trunk of each tree.

The Wet Shadow Tree is an autonomous and ecological solution that provides added value to traditional solutions.


New equipment for water movement in lazy rivers

A Lazy River is one of the key attractions in a waterpark. It is a channel through which a current of water flows, which follows a winding path around the park.

Guests can travel on it on a tube, by walking it or simply by letting their bodies float in the water. Throughout the river’s course, there can be quieter areas or more active zones with surprises, such as spray attractions, different types of current, waves and so on.
A Lazy River requires the movement of a great flow of water and traditional equipment usually requires large investment, both for the equipment itself, as well as for structures, hydraulic networks etc. Furthermore, due to its low performance, it requires a large amount of electricity to generate the movement of the water.


Being aware of this classic attraction’s weak points and following our policy of design of profitable businesses for our clients, safety for customers and respect for the environment; our R+D department has developed new equipment for the movement of the large masses of water in lazy rivers.

With this new system, we get an attraction that is as equally safe as fun, (exceeding all applicable safety standards), whilst greatly reducing implementation costs, as simple and economic civil works are needed. The designed equipment has a high performance, with which power savings of up to 60% are made, in comparison with a conventional system. This means a considerable energy saving or in other words, a reduction in operating costs of this essential waterpark attraction.

Three-dimensional Labyrinth Puzzle

A space in which to experiment with traditional puzzle pieces, in a totally different and thought-provoking way. The giant modules, which differ in height and colour, allow three-dimensional labyrinths to be created, explored and climbed upon, or where children can jump from piece to piece. Their imagination will be responsible for creating the interactions between themselves and the puzzle-space.

Constructed in 3D-Tech, the pieces are rigid and very light. They allow children to move and change their position during the game. To move the bigger pieces, two children will have to co-operate together, which will enhance collaboration in the game experience. Set upon any kind of paving, sand, grass or elastic agglomerate material, it allows endless labyrinth designs by combining heights and colours.

The rigid posts anchored to the floor allow certain puzzle pieces to be immobilized as a reference point and so that arches or other three-dimensional figures can be raised.


Aqua Zoo

From traditional interactive games, we present a new themed design based on the experience of a visit to the zoo. Children can cross hanging bridges and launch themselves down slides and giant ramps, amongst the animals that move with the water. In this way, they can cross through the waterfall of the lion’s cave, or they can see how the great elephant showers and moves his head each time his back is covered in water.

The giraffes drink from the top of the towers and lower their long necks to splash anyone crossing the bridges.

Zebras, panthers, leopards, hippos and rhinos coexist peacefully in an eye-catching water attraction designed with superimposed silhouettes, like a large toy.


New system of filter washing


Amusement Logic incorporates an auxiliary system designed by its R+D department, into its filtration equipment for the filter washing process, which allows water and energy to be saved.

This system operates with compressed air and is responsible for stirring up the filter bed in a more effective manner than is done with the traditional system that just uses water.

With this system, around 60 to 70% of the water used in the washing process is saved. This water saving also brings with it savings in chemical products and calorific energy in the case of heated pools, as not so much new water has to be incorporated into the system and nor is it necessary to chemically treat or heat it.

It is an economical system that not only allows significant economic savings, but it also helps the environment.

Natural sand coating for pools

Cantilever Tensile Towers

Houses over water for the Middle East

Spider Play

3D-Tech / Prefabricated housing

Aqua Runner

Swinging Slide


African Adventure

Water Palm


Architectural façades


Our design department has created a new concept of children’s slide. Moulded with fibreglass reinforced elastic polymers and steel ribs, this fun slide allows for new shapes and organic outlines. Its kinematic behaviour is different to that of traditional rigid polyester slides, due to the controlled elasticity of the structure during use. The sliding surface wraps around users like a live organism, which reacts to their movements on descent. It is designed to be integrated into our AquaParty children’s play structures, although the system can be adapted to various kinds of theming solutions. The FlexSlider guarantees new experiences for users and a different and very evocative image in aquatic leisure environments. If you wish to receive further information on this product, please contact us.


Soft Slide

Our design department has created a new children’s soft slide – fast to install and safe and fun for kids.

The slide is made with our 3DTech system and prefabricated in one or two large-format pieces. The absence of bolts or any anchoring element, together with the soft touch of its surface, makes it an ideal solution for children’s aquatic areas.

The absence of moulds for its fabrication allows its design to be adapted to the maximum dimensions requested by the client. As the decorative jets’ hydraulic distribution is inserted in the mono-block piece, it is much quicker to install in a pool than a conventional polyester slide.

Its asymmetric design creates different silhouettes from different viewpoints and real labyrinths and arabesques of slides can be created. If it is also combined with different aquatic and theming elements, the space is given a different appearance to that of traditional children’s pools.

For further information on this product, please contact us.

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New children water PlayGrounds

Lily Pad Umbrella

New children's swimming pools

Themed MultiAction pools

Modular indoor water parks


Waterless Slide

Artificial Ski Slope


The Aquatic Mountain


Marine World diving pool


Military Training Camp

Urban Park


Themed Slides

Adventure Parks

Synthetic Ice Rink

Multi-Fitness pool

Invasion Park

Golden Age Pool

Canyoning Park


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